business module

The student business module is part of a leadership training module on Business & Economics through Youth Corps. Students engage in a dynamic, real-life experience. Students develop a team of 9 students with specific tasks from the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) down the line. Students will run their own flower business for the Valentine’s season. They will learn about networking, individual outside sales, marketing, management, and group sales at on of our locations in the Midlands on Valentine’s Day. To find out more about Youth Corps, and other modules that students experience feel free to browse through our website.



The business module gives Youth Corps students a chance to get a real feel for what it takes to start a business from scratch and run a business in real time. All proceeds of the business module goes directly to the students through their individual businesses. Each business gives back to the community through a number of our nonprofits that students learn about in our Philanthropy and Nonprofits Month. Over the last 13 years, students have given back over $24,000 of their own money.

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Team 1

Team 2

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