"This was the year my life changed forever."

 - Stacey C., Youth Corps Alumnus


Nine Invaluable Months

Youth Corps is a nine-month program where students participate in nine different modules beginning in August and concluding in May of the next year.  In each module, students engage in hands-on experiences alongside top community leaders, professionals and their peers. Each module lasts one month and the students participate in about 12 hours of activity per month.

The first module is Leadership Weekend which sets the tone for the remaining ones:

August: Leadership Weekend

This life-changing, intense-action leap engages students in team building and leadership challenges that develop the foundation of leadership.

September: Arts & Culture

Using the arts, students engage with local artists and grow in creativity, confidence, dynamic expression, and encouraging one another.

October: Philanthropy & Non-Profits

Students are exposed to the challenges that face our community and become part of the solution as they work with local nonprofits.

November: Crimes, Victims, & Justice

A unique exploration of the criminal justice system from the inside out: inside courtrooms, jail, DJJ, and helping victims of crime.

December: Media & Journalism

Students sit in on a live television news broadcast, write a newspaper article, and create a television commercial for their own business.

January: Legislation & Government

Students engage in the legislative process and work on an actual bill, developing talking points and personally meeting with their legislator.

February: Business & Economics

By starting, running, and profiting from their own business venture, students become budding entrepreneurs.

March: Investment & Finance

Financial basics are covered through managing a budget, developing a life-long financial plan, and understanding good credit and bad credit.

April: Career & Higher Education

Students explore careers and skills needed based on the insights gained, values developed, and skill sets forged over the entire year.

May: Graduation!

Another Youth Corps class is transformed into critical-thinking and prepared leaders and unleashed into the community.