Permission Form

Release and Permission to Participate
As a parent/guardian, I fully recognize and understand that there are certain injury risks associated in being in an outdoor environment and that there is a risk of being injured in such activities but are not limited to: team sports, archery, canoeing, row boating, group games, and other outdoor activities.  I recognize the risks involved and give permission for the student named herein to participate in all L Games activities (except those specifically listed by the parent or guardian).  In consideration of the privilege of L Games attendance, it is expressly agreed that all use of services and facilities shall be undertaken at the participant’s sole risk and that Youth Corps, Clemson Youth Learning Institute or Bethel Camp shall not by liable for any claims, demands, injuries, damages or causes of action whatsoever to any camper arising out of or connected with the use of any of the services and facilities on that day.  Further, Youth Corps, Clemson Youth Learning Institute or Bethel Camp will not be liable for loss of personal property of the participant.

IN CASE OF MEDICAL EMERGENCY, I understand that the student will be closely supervised, and that if serious injury or illness develops, medical and /or hospital care will be given.  I further understand that I will be notified in case of serious injury or illness; however, if it is impossible to contact me, I give my permission to the physician selected by Youth Corps to hospitalize, to secure proper treatment, and to order injection, anesthesia or surgery for my child named above.  I have enclosed the Student Health Form (on the back) with this registration. I understand that my medical insurance will be considered primary in case of accident or injury.

Photos: I do hereby consent and agree to allow Youth Corps the use of my child’s image or likeness in photographs, videos or audio for educational purposes or promotional purposes, including posting on the Internet. I agree that the use herein may be without compensation to me or my child.

Optional Activity: My child has permission to run in the lake in the swimming area at the end of the day *
Parent or Guardian Name: *
Parent or Guardian Name:

Registration fee is non-refundable.
The L Games will be on rain or shine.