"As a Youth Corps student I have grown from the tendency to be a follower to being willing to lead others to make a positive difference."
- M.L. Hatcher
'08-'09 Youth Corps student

"(My daughter) has been challenged not to settle for mediocrity, but to choose to do hard things, big things, rewarding things. She has been encouraged to be active rather than passive and take risks when the reward is great."
- L. Hatcher
Youth Corps Parent


August: Leadership Weekend
Youth Corps members will begin the program year with a weekend residential camp in August. Participants will engage in team-building and leadership activities and learn a simple model of leadership principles that they will be able to carry with them.

September: Arts & Culture
During this month, students will be engaged in the arts. The class will visit area sites for the arts and meet local artists. Participants will learn the impact that arts and culture has on our state and how the arts enhance and enrich the lives of those in the community.

October: Philanthropy & Non-Profits
Youth Corps participants will grow in awareness and understanding of the challenges and issues that face our community and the role that the nonprofit sector plays while partnering with local nonprofits in facing those challenges. Participants will be encouraged to volunteer and give of themselves as a citizen of their community.

November: Crimes, Victims, & Justice
Crime, victims and justice will be the program for September. Students will have an opportunity to sit in general sessions court, meet with a circuit court judge, go inside a jail, and meet with residents behind the fence at DJJ. The students will also be involved in helping victims of crime.

December: Media & Journalism
This component provides students an opportunity to interact with broadcasters from television, radio, print media, and the internet. Each student will be challenged in his/her own personal communication skills. Tasks will involve being part of a mock press conference and comprehending the role of technology in today's world of communication.

January: Legislation & Government
Students will come to an understanding of the different branches of government. Students will learn the services that are currently being provided and how the government works for the people. Youth Corps students will also meet with legislators, help support a bill to be passed by personally contacting their legislator, and learn how a citizen can become involved as a legislative advocate.

February: Business & Economics
Students will learn how to plan, develop and implement a business plan. A business venture will be launched. This will include product development, raising capital, purchasing, and marketing their products for a profit. Participants must complete a detailed profit and loss statement. Profits go to the students and not to Youth Corps.

March: Investment & Finance
Students will learn the basics of finance, investment and money management. Students will invest profits from their own personal business venture. Participants will also learn how to manage a budget. Youth Corps participants will understand the benefits of good credit and the dangers of credit cards and debt.

April: Career & Higher Education
Students will gain exposure and experience in career opportunities and what it takes to get there. They will be involved in hands-on resources that will help them begin making career choices and planning a career path.

May: Graduation

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